The future of newspapers

James Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corporation said at the Monaco Media Forum last Friday that he believes that the future of the newspaper business is subscriptions—electronic subscriptions and only eTablets can save this traditional media industry. He added that “once everything is digital, the economics of digital newspapers will look more like cable TV channels: they’ll have affiliate revenue or wholesale revenue across a wide subscriber base, and then they can compete for audiences and sell advertising. I think that’s a good model”, in fact, with interfaces like the iPad “people interact with it more like with the traditional product, and that means the key is to get the advertising yields across both print and the apps to be equivalent,”.


About Anxo

Passionate about user experience research & design for people on the move. Strong background in design & research for mobile communication systems in Europe and emerging markets. Working in mobile internet opportunities for users at bottom of the pyramid.
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